Presentation & Representation

This was the first project of my second year at university. It compiled of the way you brand yourself and how others brand themselves. I created a website: and a graphic CV, along with a covering letter, as well as an idea for re-branding Bournemouth through a temporary, interactive installation set-up that would pick up on a chosen theme to invite people back to the town.

I designed an installation that is reminiscent of a train platform, with an interactive floor and interactive screens on the interior walls. I developed this idea by taking inspiration from the precedents i explored and further researching this form of interaction and what the possibilities are with it. i wanted to capitalise on the installation to promote walking, as its a “pedestrian trail” route – using the train platform set-up to create an interior. The interactive floor provides pop-up info on different journeys you could make on the rail as well as providing the opportunity to enter your own information for certain tasks, whilst the screens provide a way of looking at the history of rail travel in Bournemouth and allowing the user to transfer what they’ve done using the floor onto a screen to explore further.

Upon the user walking on the installation floor, it will begin the interaction experience with a lit up circle surrounding their feet, allowing the user to create their own unique journey through the set-up. They can enter their own information to explore local train attractions, journey possibilities and destinations in the local, surrounding area, with the interior interactive screens showing journey’s of the Bournemouth Belle, as well as providing the opportunity for the user to learn about the history of this mode of transport and the other installations on the pedestrian trail.

The interaction within the installation promotes movement throughout, with the floor helping the user to move around in order to access more information, keeping a constant connection with my group’s overall theme of transport, as the user transports themselves to, in and around the installation and then onto the next part of the route.

I created a 3D model of my design using Google SketchUp and a 2D drawing package using AutoCAD

This is just a really brief overview of the project, which lasted 5 weeks, so here are some images of my work:

Presentation Drawing Presentation Drawing Isometric Presentation Drawing Presentation Drawing


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