The Application of Technology: Changing Trends in the Workplace

This is the second unit of my second year of university.

The project involved the design and detailed space planning of a medium-sized interior, over two levels. We had to explore the interface between a company and it’s clients, exploring levels of public and private space in an interior and its relationship with the street.

It was also an investigation into the extent that environmental and technological considerations are both necessary for both the Design Professional practice and the spaces we inhabit.

We had to draw on the skills we had learnt in our first year, as well as researching into areas we haven’t covered previously and apply that research into the development of interior spaces requiring integration of environmental services.

My client are a newspaper producer that are based in the London suburb of Hammersmith, looking to re-locate to a busier, more fashionable part of the city where they could fully express their style and somewhere their employees could reach easily. They are a fashion, trend and design newspaper and have recognised that a  daily news section has become an important destination for those interested in the latest developments within the fashion community as well as other aspects of culturally-relevant content such as art, music, design and lifestyle. The criteria I was given was to create an open-plan, flexible space that enables the employees to reflect their work, creating a unique and inspirational environment.

The location I chose for my client was Shoreditch, based on research I carried out during the early stages of the project.

Street art is a focal point of Shoreditch’s recognizable identity, something that I have considered for both the interior and exterior of the building, as seen in my presentation drawings.

Bringing all of my research together I created a space that was designed to promote activity and to inspire. Taking my client’s criteria into consideration throughout my design process, I have combined these with technical, environmental and economical requirements as well as building regulations and recommendations.

The industrial and utilitarian appearance of my scheme promotes activity and creativity, allowing employees to utilise the space in such a way that is active and inspiring. Employees can use the infrastructure of the building to hang elements, display ideas and play around with different configurations.

Cloud Render 3
First Floor Render – Office Space
Ground Floor Facing Stairs
Ground Floor Render – Reception Space 
Cloud Render View 1
First Floor Render
First Floor Facing Hub
First Floor Render
From Fire Escape BW
First Floor
RF Plan
Spatial Planning/Organisational Diagram Overlaid onto floor plan

Laser Cut model

These were some of the colour palettes I created using an app on my iPad, called Adobe Capture, which allows me to eye drop certain colours from the photographs I took in Shoreditch.



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