Production Information

This project was a continuation of the previous project: Making Places, which I have include on an earlier blog post.

This, again, was a 5 week project, which involved choosing an area within the scheme we had created for the previous project and focussing in on it, developing it and refining it.

The area I chose to develop was the café library area of my scheme, which spanned over half the ground and first floors, for both the public and elderly residents. My aim for this space was for it to be engaging, calming and a sociable space for all users, keeping in ming my aims relevant from the previous project.

The space is made up of a variety of different type of seating, including genre cafe seating, and booth seating, which i focused on in construction detail. The genre café seating acts as a USP to this type of space, allowing users to choose a specific area relative to the genre of books they prefer, which I have designed specifically to feel more cosy and almost closed off in and around the central shelving features, creating micro-environments within the open plan space. Gaining a stronger relationship between the two floors was something I definitely felt I needed to work on during this project and I feel that these isometric drawings illustrate the continuity between the spaces Encourages a sense of movement for the public and residents together, promoting a social and enjoyable environment where residents can relax


First Floor 1
First Floor Render


Sample Board 2
Sample Board

E:IAD2nd YearUNIT 4Floor PlansTitle Block - Sheet - SectionE:IAD2nd YearUNIT 4Floor PlansTitle Block - Sheet - SectionE:IAD2nd YearUNIT 4Floor PlansTitle Block - Sheet - SectionNE IsoE:IAD2nd YearUNIT 4Floor PlansSW Iso 2 - Sheet - 3D Isometr


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