Contemporary Environments

This was the final project of second year!

It was hard to believe, this was the final push and the final project of an incredible, work-filled year, bringing me up to my last and third year.

This project was 9 weeks, which also ran alongside an essay based on a subject of our choice, with a dissertation-style approach.


We were asked to design an Interactive Information Installation for Glastonbury Festival, providing information management, site-orientation, event timetabling, event playback, individual experience organising and individual experience sharing. We had to be sponsored by an organisation or company that was involved with the festival and relate our installation design to them and Glastonbury, keeping the informative basis at the root of the design.

My installation design was sponsored by Greenpeace, where I incorporated their environmental values and beliefs into the information installation: ‘Earth Hut’, pushing the forefront of technology within installations, making use of RFID chips, iBeacons, personal interactive platforms and many other elements.

Within the overall design, we also had to focus on a specific area to model, which I have shown in an image below. I focussed in on an area within the installation, which was the ‘Map Room’, where festival-goer’s could begin a personal interface with the installation and configure their own map and choose specific events that they would want to attend whilst at the festival. Within this section, I thoroughly researched the interactive elements that would be included, which is what I based my prototype on.

Short Section

Visual 3

Visual 5 rood

Visual 6 interior

Visual 7

Visual 9
Exterior Visual 


Physical Prototype Model @ 1:100



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