Third Year Begins!

So third year has officially begun!

Out of the 4 briefs we were given to choose from, I chose one named Moontopia. The aim of this brief is to design utopian lunar architecture, focussing in on a specific area of our choice. As well as this, I have been using my research for this project to help me decide what to write for my investigative study. I’m intrigued to see what this year will bring!


Over the last 3 weeks I have been getting into the research needed for me to have a basis and gain the background information needed to start the unit. Through our group tutorials I have used the ideas we have discussed to help me map out certain areas to research and look further into. These sessions have proved to be really useful so far and they are great to bounce ideas off of one another.

Our graduation shows are something we have to keep in mind throughout the year and we have started fundraising already, with a vintage-style sweet shop at AUB’s Market Day, which gives students the opportunity to sell items on campus. We designed the entire stall ourselves, creating unique stickers and stall poster with varied products.

It was really successful and hopefully this sign of things to come, raising over £100 with sweets shows the potential to go further with different ideas. Working together as a team really showed our potential as a course and our ability to come together and produce a professional-looking stall.

Whilst third year is extremely busy, we are striving to get together a core team to work on fundraising, where we hope everyone will get involved and contribute to our final show.


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