MOONTOPIA Development: Week 5

Tuesday 25th October brought round our 5th group tutorial. It was really useful to bounce some developed ideas off of my course-mates and it enabled us all to figure out what the next stages were for us to continue with the brief.


We used this session to really solidify and focus in on our reasons why we were doing this, what we exactly wanted to design and how we can progress onto the next stage of concept drawing and sketching. We also had a model-making workshop in order to ignite ideas, writing down some adjectives and verbs relative to our themes and translating these into quick and simple sketch models.

My theme is Public Engagement and I worked through the workshop by writing down some relevant verbs and adjectives for my theme,  including: communication, spatial, light, social, fresh, communal, stars/transparent. My chosen action verb was: Engage [to engage] – which s what I used to translate into a few sketch models. I found this exercise really helpful and it enabled me to work using a 3D, hands-on method, something I struggle to get into during the early stages of a project. It gave me inspiration for further development as to the types of shapes I could experiment with.

I feel that from the session, I have taken away a rounded, open-access style to my concept for a public space. I plan to work on some concept ideas over the next week, developing a more finalised idea of what I want to design. I will also continue to used mixed media to represent my idea process, as well as referencing to precedents to show where my inspiration has come from.


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