Concept Sketching & Sketch Models

As I am progressing through the project, I am trying to build upon each tutorial session, gaining clarity on where my ideas and concept is going.

Taking the sketch models that I had created in the last group tutorial and layering them with colour and some added context, it enables me to get a better view as to what the models represent and how the space can be used.

I use an app called Paper on my iPad; a way of sketching my ideas and thoughts quickly and efficiently and a method that I have grown to feel comfortable using throughout my time at university. I find that the ability and ease of which you can add colour and context to the sketches makes it a really useful way to get across my ideas. As you can see from the images above, I find it useful to relate my ideas directly to precedents that I have researched, showing a connection with my research and backing up my thought process.


I am trying to think really conceptually, not necessarily focused too much on the end result but really the reasoning why I am designing and what it’s purpose is as a public space – designing for my theme of public engagement and a recreational space where the lunar colony can connect: A commons


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