Concept Development – Week 7

Week 7 brings around the deadline for the Moontopia competition!

As a group, myself, Hannah Godwin and Hannah Williams, my course-mates, have been working on a combined concept idea for the submission. Each of us have formed a separate part of the submission which the brief specifies: Living, Working & Researching. Working up to Friday we are putting together our solidified concepts, 2x A1 layouts and synopsis. Through our A1 layouts we are aiming to really illustrate each of our creative background’s, as well as displaying the skills we have learned over our 3 years of study.


With relation to the feasibility project, the Moontopia competition is pushing me to work on a slightly faster schedule, meaning that I need to develop my ideas further. Regarding my concept design, I have begun to draw own zone plans, colour coding and adding annotations around it to allow me to progress and visualise how people may move through the spaces, as shown in the images below.

After discussion in tutorial, I had reviewed my progress and development of a 3-tiered public space, however, I still need to focus in on a specific space, which I aim to finalise this week before interim presentations.

I also needed to consider interconnectivity between the 3 spaces, prompting me to look at atriums, stairways and ramps – investigating the relationship between each function. The functions that I have considered include: Allotment space (lunar colony can grow their own produce and gain access to greenery), News Room/Communications space (allowing connections back with Earth) & Viewing Deck (allowing the colony to view the galaxy).

As this week brings the interim presentation and Moontopia competition deadline I aim to solidify my ideas and get to a stage where I can move to finalising my concept for the feasibility project in the coming weeks.


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