Clay Workshop

There are 4 briefs happening simultaneously throughout our year group, including Moontopia, the brief that I chose.


One of the other briefs is Creative Conscience, designing for a brighter future. One of my colleagues held a clay workshop this week, with the aim of gaining some primary research for her project. We were asked to use 3 of the materials laid out for us, these included: clay, stones, hay and paper rope. I used this opportunity to investigate the different shapes I could create using clay, a media I haven’t made use of whilst being at university, making some further sketch models to help me understand my design in 3D form.

I found it really useful to experiment using a different material as opposed to paper or card. It made me feel as though I could achieve a quicker, more 3D shape, allowing for more free experimentation. It was a really valuable workshop to participate in and reminded me to make use of different forms of media to help with my design process.


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