Communication Space Concept

This week we had our final presentations, giving us a 5 minute window to explain our concepts and to condense weeks of work into a concise presentation.

  • My aim was to create a concept for a border-less public space on the Moon providing an environment to improve and encourage social cohesion among the lunar colony, creating a shared, communal area which has collective ownership and mutual belonging
  • Communication is key and this aim is integrated with my concept theme of Public Engagement. I am using the Moon’s natural “border-lessness” and replicating this, as well as implicating no other types of borders – creating a design open to all
  • I have created a range of concepts to illustrate my vision, taking inspiration from my key words: engagement & communication
  • The spaces that I have designed are socially responsive, paying homage to the traditional communal spaces we see here on Earth and by the influenced by my research precedents & case studies 
  • All those who will be coming to the Moon share one thing in common, humanity. This will be used to bring people from varying nationalities together in a space dedicated to bringing them current news and events from the Earth, sustaining the relationship between both communities
  • The border-less space allows for everyone to gain access, to enjoy it and not feel the segregation that they have come from -creating a socially cohesive environment


  •  I created further zone plans relative to the different concepts, showing 2 of 3 here of the border-less, communal spaces
  • They are designed to represent the routes of transit through the spaces, as annotated on the images themselves
  • My vision is for these spaces to promote social cohesion, bringing the lunar community together through a common design language
  • The spaces’ function is based around providing information – allowing the lunar community to sustain a connection with the Global community, furthering the link and the  potential for future development
  •  I have used various colours to explain the flow of movement through the space, where the coloured lines represent the different routes people may take, as well as the routes taken from the surrounding city

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