Concept Sketching

Entering the final stages of the feasibility project, I have aimed to really focus on the function of my communal space concept. Using the 3D models that I created, I sketched over the top, adding colour and annotation to explain my thinking, as shown in the featured image, as well as below.


As a tool to help me with explaining the layout of the space and how the different areas link with each other, I created zone plans. These drawings aim to illustrate, simply and effectively, the shapes of the spaces, as well as the movement in and around it.

I have added colour, using orange to represent where the information & news would be displayed, as well as green to show some of the lines of movement around the space, suggestive of the upper levels and surrounding spaces. These concepts represent my vision for a connective, inclusive space, promoting a cohesive community and social atmosphere.

The images above, taken from 2 of my concept ideas show the routes of movement and routes up to different areas of the space, reflections of the 3D visuals. The main shape of the structure is rounded to increase the sense of cohesion and was stemmed from the sketch models I created based on the keyword: Engagement.


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