Sir Peter Cook & Mike Davies

Within the last week we have been lucky enough at AUB to have the chance to see both Sir Peter Cook and Mike Davies, hearing them talk about their work and answer some questions.

Sir Peter Cook visited in celebration of his 80th birthday, talking about some of his most famous pieces of work and looking back upon his illustrious career, from where he started, here in Bournemouth.


Mike Davies took a similar approach and having been taught by Sir Peter Cook, he was again following in his footsteps.

Taking us through his career, he talked about many of his great architectural achievements including: The Pompidou Centre, The Lloyds Building, Inmos, Heathrow Terminal 5, Millennium Dome and the Leadenhall Tower (The Cheesegrater), showing images right through from the design process to the building of the structures.

 Both talks were incredibly interesting and I feel so privileged to have been able to listen first-hand to these legendary architects.

Their work, past and present, is known all over the world and recognised for their individual styles and it will continue to be for years to come.


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