After weeks of hard work, we handed in our Feasibility Studies!

Our submission was mainly digital, however, I felt that I wanted to print my Feasibility Report in order to really tell the story of my journey through the project in a physical format, as well as submitting my sketchbook containing some of my development processes.

Overall I think that I have reached a successful and feasible concept for a functional, socially-cohesive public space on the Moon. The concept began large in scale and I feel that over the course of the project I have been able to focus it down, making it a feasible and realistic project as a useful communal space.

Borders have been the main focus within my feasibility study and investigative study, which I have gained a considerable amount of research on surrounding this subject area. I feel that by interconnecting these studies I have been able to transfer knowledge between the two and therefore it has enabled me to create a solid concept. From my research I have learned that many problems stem from borders, whether large or small in scale. They are connected to such universally negative connotations, such as division and segregation and yet no solutions have been used or implemented to replace them. I feel that as problems such as global warming, immigration and wars are increasingly affecting us as the human race, they need to be addressed in a more global sense and we need to become a unified society in order to tackle them.

Final Major Project: 

Looking ahead to my Final Major Project, I aim to carry forward the ideas that I have learned through this project, particularly regarding the principles of a border-less community and border-less design in general. I hope to continue designing for interconnectedness and responding to the needs of society, progressing with solving problems and providing solutions for the future.


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