Feasibility Reflection & FMP Brief

The first week back provided us with the opportunity to plan a 5 minute presentation of 5 slide with the purpose of getting us to reflect and critique our work from the previous term for the Feasibility Study and Investigative Study (Dissertation).


  • Looking back over my feasibility study and how I developed my Moontopia concept, I can say that I am really pleased with the outcome of this project
  • My aim was to design a concept primarily based around border-lessness and the improvement of social cohesion amongst the human race through the design of a public space on the moon for a lunar colony
  • I feel that I demonstrated my ideas clearly, backing it up using my written work and illustrated visuals. I tackled a brief that was the most conceptual one I have approached to date, which I originally found quite challenging but week by week I found it exciting and felt that it has improved my skills as a designer.
  • I took on both the design brief and the Moontopia competition and feel that this positively pushed me to make decisions and approach the brief with a more structured plan from the offset.
  • I used a methodical process to set out my extensive research, taking into consideration the story that my project told and ensuring that I only made use of key case studies and relevant information



  • Reviewing my feasibility study submission from a critical perspective, I definitely feel that there were areas in which I could improve
  • I feel that it would have benefitted the detail of each concept if I had produced some further-developed visuals, showing the spaces at closer-proximity and what takes place within the spaces
  • I also feel that it would have been beneficial to perhaps present some ideas as to how this type of project could be translated back onto earth, bringing it into more of a context with interior architecture and showing the potential for my FMP  – which is what I will be aiming to do in the following slides
  • I think that I would have benefitted from beginning model making earlier on in the design process, taking advantage of the ideas that it provokes whilst also building upon my skills in this area – something I feel I shy away from


  • My intentions for the FMP are to use the ideas of border-lessness, discussed in both my feasibility and investigative studies, bringing them into the context of the course after what was such a conceptual project to design for
  • Taking forward what I have learned, I hope to combine the significant amount of research that I carried out to bring the conceptual ideas back down to Earth.
  • Precedents show here such as the High Line in New York and Blue Plan Copenhagen, inspired my design for the feasibility concept and were all designed for a location on Earth, providing me with a useful amount of research already done , in terms of communal spaces – allowing me to carry all of this through to my FMP and  (something I tried to keep in mind throughout last term)
  • I need to ground my ideas, however, I still hope to obtain the ambitious core and principles to my designs, taking some elements which I proposed through Moontopia but approaching social issues here on Earth


  • I hope to delve further into the global issues explored through my feasibility and investigative studies: political, social, economical and environmental, choosing a site somewhat less neutral than the Moon to demonstrate how social cohesion could be developed to improve a chosen area
  • I want to explore further into the ideas of border-less architecture and interiors, perhaps zoning in to a particular industry such as retail or within airports or town centers, designing areas specifically designed to bring the communities together
  • I intend to extend upon certain areas of research, building on they key principles which improve social cohesion within the case studies that I investigated whilst following the BIID guidelines as well as forming my own targets along the way
  • I will produce an outcome which has been resolved through this entire year



  • Regarding my final brief and outcome, I plan to create a considered concept for a border-less interior within a larger surrounding environment
  • By border-less, I mean it will be an area, or collection of spaces where porosity is the key principle and all walks of life will be able to gain access, providing the surrounding community with opportunity to connect and therefore improving social cohesion amongst different and divided groups of people, often experienced in today’s society – keeping in mind key words used in my feasibility such as community and engagement
  • Some ideas that I have for the location of this concept, as previously mentioned, would be within an airport or perhaps more generally at towns within England or other countries where social divide particularly causes animosity.
  •  As I explored through both my feasibility and investigative studies, our global community is becoming ever more divided as a whole, so my aim is to design for now to help the future be more unified

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