FMP Progress //

Working based upon the discussion in the second tutorial, I have been trying to sketch out my ideas as they come, helping me to visualise my thought processes and therefore making it easier to explain my concept direction to my peers and tutors.


I have been looking at a variety of different space concepts, all with the aim of being socially-responsive, bringing people together and creating a sense of community.

This week I have been focusing on looking at existing spaces, exploring both existing, derelict land, such as brownfield sites, as well as precedents of adaptive re-use of buildings all over the world.

Much of my research has been based around refugee camps and looking at the infrastructure that they create for themselves, analysing how it works and what amenities they invent from what they have. I have also looked into Favelas in Brazil, approaching them from a similar angle and seeing how and why they arise.

I have been exploring some of the ways in which we make use of the land we have, why refugees are arguably unfairly evicted from the camps they create on land which has no previous or useful use. Many of the existing spaces we have in England and all over the world are not used efficiently or to their full potential and therefore I will be pursuing this route, investigating into a specific location to move forward with my concept – starting with looking at where might need a socially-repsonsive design solution most.


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