FMP Tutorial – Week 5

This week, my aim was to make a decision on what exactly I will be designing, translating my research into refugee camps and favelas as a source of inspiration, analysing what they need and looking at them in terms of urban studies.

I have been exploring the ways that architects and designers have approached the refugee crisis, covering such projects as Richard van der Laken’s “What Design Can Do“, part of the Refugee Challenge.

Moving forward from this, I looked at learning from refugees and the camps they create, investigating deeper into what exactly goes on within the camps, the people and who they are; what skills they arrive with and exploring life within the camps in more detail.

I wanted to look at what is currently being done to help refugees within the camps, what happens when they arrive and who looks after them. I think it is important that the refugees are given a chance to return back to a normal life, returning the camps from permanent solutions to temporary solutions and enabling the refugees to move on from the camps. I feel that it is integral for designers to work with politicians and to work in conjunction with each other – creating a concept that has the potential to be a long-term solution.

Moving on to the next stages of my FMP, I will be continuing with my research and building upon the diagrammatic sketches that I have been using to help explain my ideas.



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