Designing our Grad Shows

Looking to get the ball rolling regarding the design of our graduate show exhibition stand, we had another meeting today to organise the design, considering factors such as:

  • How the work will be displayed
  • Routes around the space
  • How many students will be displaying
  • Colour
  • Materials


Gathering together the design, marketing, finance, build teams and project managers meant that we could all work together and come up with a concept to develop that all teams were agreed on.


It was a really useful session for the design team to get across exactly what we were intending to produce whilst gaining ideas from other teams as to what else we could add.


Although still roughly drawn, our concept that will be developed is based on sloping boards, keeping it simple yet effective and allowing us a good amount of surface area to display our work whilst sustaining a flexibility that will benefit us when we come to moving the show from Bournemouth to London.

In our upcoming meetings we will be developing this idea into a finalised concept with photoshopped plans, elevations, and sections to be able to fully communicate this to the rest of the course and enable the teams working around us to do their jobs


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