Designing // 1

To hep gain a better understanding of how the interior of my concept will work, I have been experimenting with designing from the inside-out.

I tried to consider the exact elements of transition through from one side of the border of the camp to the other, considering the design as several different “stations” to spread the demand out across more than one structure.

I have illustrated varied configurations of the interior to encourage a direction through the space and promoting the refugees to enter, gain acknowledgment at each point inside, suggesting they could register their skills, allowing for use of those skills both within the camp and in the future.


I feel that these processes will enable the refugees to obtain a sense of use within the camps and this may even encourage a transfer/teaching of these skills amongst each other.

I still need to narrow down exactly who I am aiming my concept at, focusing down further into who exactly needs this as a design solution.

The next steps that I will be pursuing are:

  • Looking into the exact process that refugees go through
  • The arrival process
  • Who needs this: men? women? children?
  • Focusing down to decide on a client
  • Critically thinking

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