FMP Tutorial // Week 8

During this week’s group tutorial, my aim was to clarify exactly what I was doing, allowing me to really move forward with designing and make progress with my project.

I have used each tutorial to gain feedback both from my course-mates and tutor to refine my approach to my topic of refugees and theme of borders.

The progress that I have made had resulted in a target user of female refugees, where my concept would act as a design solution for them, aiding them as a result of the horrific experiences that they often go through trying to reach freedom and refugee camps – as I have explored through my design report.

I had been experimenting more with component-based design (as seen in the images above), relevant to helping female refugees and relating this to how borders can be broken for them, improving their independence, resilience, strength and sense of empowerment.

After explaining my direction in the group tutorial, I was advised that this perhaps wasn’t the best direction to follow and it wouldn’t hold the most potential for a design project.

As a result, I am now going to pursue the direction of a more experiential, perhaps exhibition design; something that will grab people’s attention and perhaps act as a solution in terms of gaining the attention of those who can and need to make the difference rather than an aid project based around the good will of volunteers and aid organisations.


Since the tutorial, I have been working on researching various experiential designs, exhibitions and set-ups to gain an idea of the types of concepts that I could create.


I have been trying to think outside the box, bringing forward the issues the refugees face with the aim of bringing it to the attention to the people that can make a difference e.g. investors, business people etc.















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