Concept Designing

With the aim of gaining a more realistic idea and understanding of where I am taking my project, I began creating some conceptual designs using Photoshop:


I have been building on the idea of being “caged-in”, which were evidenced in my sketches in the previous post.



Participants will be invited to view and experience this exhibition, walking through a series of gates and cages faced with the reality of what is going on in the refugee camps. Travelling to the location of the exhibition will be part of the process, meaning that the participants will gain a sense and understanding of perhaps what refugees experience when arriving at refugee camps – as the exhibition will be located on the border of a camp, such as Zaatari, Jordan.


The aim of this exhibition is to shock the visitor, bringing the issues to the forefront and essentially making the user feel uncomfortable – creating the impact that is needed for change.

I hope that with such an exhibition, it would interest and intrigue both the general public and also those who can really make a difference such as investors and charity organisations.


More designs to come!



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