Concept Development

In the last week I have been working to develop my concept and refining my aims to resolve a much more clear design.

My aim is to take the customary thresholds and bring them to the forefront of people’s attention; to the awareness of policy-makers and government bodies so that the refugee crisis is dealt with, rather than being left to continuously-failing projects to try and make a difference.

I plan to create a series of interventions that interrupt people’s route or journey:

Berlin Map

As seen in the image above, I have chosen to locate my concept in close proximity to parliamentary buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament; the meeting places of politicians and policy-makers who have the real power to make the changes needed for this crisis to be solved.



The function of my concept is to raise awareness and provoke the change that is needed – aiming primarily at the main governments involved in Europe, policy-makers and diplomats.

Working towards our interim presentation on Tuesday 21/3 – my aims are to build upon the sketched ideas and refine them into more developed and realistic visuals.

Passport Visual




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