Graduate Show Design

Running up to the final few weeks of term, we have worked hard to resolve the overall design of the graduate shows in order to give us time to focus on our FMP’s.

Working with a 1:1 model of a block design enabled us to visualise how work could be displayed and how much space we had, as shown in the images below:

The next step was figuring out which material would be best to use, taking into consideration our budget and the ease of transporting the blocks from one show to another:


We decided on using a poplar ply – meaning that we won’t have to spend time and money treating or painting MDF, as well as achieving an overall more professional and clean-cut finish.


In the following stages we worked on creating 1:20 models of the blocks, giving us the ability to work straight onto the floor plans of our proposed show spaces and meaning that we could play around with the show configurations. The image above is our decided final configuration, which we feel makes both the best use of the space, as well as the way work is displayed – giving everyone an equal space.

Possible Layout 1Possible Layout 1 back view

Creating the developed blocks on Rhino has enabled us to draw out the framework for how they will work, basing them on the premise of a step ladder, also allowing for a much easier construction and dismantle, as it will purely rely on one initial construction per block and then simply the use of the hinge to dismantle and move.

The design team is currently working on a set of 3-5 options as to how work can be displayed on the blocks within the A1 set and hanging spaces – both how the A1 spaces can be arranged and how sheets can be arranged themselves.

Final layouts as to how work can be displayed in the set A1 spaces are going to be submitted by the design team to the rest of the students to ensure there is a uniformity across all work and that the standard of all work is kept as high as possible.




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