Concept Storyboarding

I have been working on creating some storyboards in order to explain the process of each intervention.

I wanted to first sketch one out before creating a more comprehensive and visually-accurate one so that I could understand the exact processes that would take place.

Sketch Part 1

For each stage/intervention I have illustrated 2 images, showing essentially the exterior and the interior of what us taking place, as seen in the image above.

Stage 1:

  • Entry Intervention
  • Representative of the refugees’ escape from chaos and war/conflict


Stage 2:

  • Boarding Transport
  • Smugglers
  • Unsafe, dirty, wet & overcrowded – often crowding hundreds of refugees at a time onto boats that are too small to support the number of people

Sketch Part 2

Stage 3:

  • “Refugee Circus”
  • Area to represent the border controls that refugees experience coming through Europe
  • Signifying the border controls of entering the different countries that refugees may need to travel through

Stage 4:

  • Reflection space for the participants
  • Exit intervention into the street
  • End of the refugees’ journey – usually to face more borders



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