Getting More Context

I made a visit to my site of the streets surrounding the Houses of Parliament in London, with the aim of gaining a better idea of the streetscape in real-life, as I had previously been relying on Google maps and streetview images.

I took the opportunity to get some high-quality images of the area for use in my visuals, creating better quality collages.

This was an incredibly useful trip, allowing me to also gain a better understanding of the sizes of the pavements and streets I will be using, taking this into consideration for my site analysis and contextual images for visuals.

As well as exploring the direct surroundings, I took into consideration the surroundings further afield, particularly the general footfall and demographic of the area, as I have explored this already through my site analysis but it was useful to get a first-hand perspective on this.


Given the recent circumstances and events that have taken place in this area, I felt it was considerably more busy due to this and by people paying their respects, however, taking this into consideration, this is still an extremely busy area and I feel that it remains an appropriate area to locate my concept, reaching both political members as well as the general public.


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