Group Tutorial

Building up to the last 2 weeks of my Final Major Design Project, it was extremely useful to re-convene with the tutors and my course-mates to touch base and review what I had done over Easter and what I could move forward with.

One of the primary elements of my visuals that was discussed and encouraged to develop was the overall boldness and the graphics I am using. This is something I definitely feel I have been timid with and I will strive to improve it for the final presentation and hand-in.

I have been working on some more abstract visuals and I feel like these are perhaps more bold and my aim over the next week is to really build upon these, as shown below:

Stage 1 2Stage 2 Interior 2Stage 3 2

Another element that I have been advised to work on were some detailed sections, showing exactly what is going on within each intervention, taking the perspective visuals that I have created and looking further into the interior. I have already begun working on these and will complete them in the next few days. I also plan to work on a material schedule, laying out exactly which materials I will be using through the interventions, cross-referencing these to my visuals.


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