Visuals // Sections

With the aim of presenting my concepts from a different angle, I had a go at making some sections of my intervention models in context, helping to see what takes place within the interior and how people interact with the spaces.

Intervention 1 Section 1Intervention 2 SectionIntervention 3 Section

Having completed 3 out of the 4 intervention sections, I found that they weren’t getting across as much information as I had hoped and I felt that they were in fact doing an injustice to my project. As seen in the images above, I think it is clear that they appear to be showing parts of the scaffolding framework structure, rather than getting across useful and perhaps unseen information.

As a result of this, my aim is to work on visuals from within parts of the interventions, particularly where a process takes place, such as intervention 2, where I have stated participants will be encouraged to pick up identity cards and take them through to the next intervention; a process which I feel needs to be highlighted more closely in order to fully explain what is happening.



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