Visual Development // 3


Working upon the recent feedback on the visuals I had created, my primary aim was to create bolder, more brave visuals based on the themes I am using, as well as bringing through the juxtaposition of the refugees and participants.

I have worked hard to alter some of the sketch up models I was using in the visuals, adding more detail and making them larger. Building upon this, I have improved the visuals on photoshop, taking inspiration from Las Vegas (lights & signage), as well as really enhancing the satirical nature of my designs, making the signs and statements a lot larger than they previously were.

Intervention 1:

Intervention 1

Intervention 2:

Intervention Interior View 2

Something else I needed to work on was my detail in the visuals. I have a lot to explain to describe what is happening within each visual and what the processes are, therefore I needed to produce better views, particularly of the interior of some of the interventions, in order to help me fully explain what is happening. This is something that will help me to get across my idea in the final presentation, allowing the visual to speak for itself and for my spoken explanation to back it up.

Intervention 3:

The circus was the key influential design language that I wanted to bring through in this intervention, satirising “border control” and how refugees are dealt with upon entering Europe. However, I also needed to show a stronger element of design within the interior. I chose to include elements from a hotel lobby, such as a luggage trolley, reception desk, chandeliers and curtains, enhancing a more luxury atmosphere whilst contrasting with the border control circus.

The border is most commonly where refugees lose their identities; where their career and academic achievements are lost, particularly female refugees. This is highlighted through this interventions by replicating what happens when entering a hotel, typically where your luggage and passport is handed in to reception – in a similar sense, losing your identity.

Intervention 4:

Stage 4

Intervention 4 is all about refugees’ entry into Europe, named the “Reflectory” upon the suggestion that participants should reflect on the experience that they have just gone through. I have tried to introduce more features such as prison railings, creating the sense of imprisonment, making the participants feel caged-in and increasing the feeling of the need to escape.

At this stage I am also working on producing my final presentation which will go towards my submission for the Creative Conscience competition, which I am entering under the Open Brief.



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