Final Presentation

Today we had our final presentations for our Final Major Design Project.

I worked hard to create a presentation that would sell my concept in the 5 minutes that we had, summarising the 15 weeks of hard work I have done!


Final Presention .002

Final Presention .003Final Presention .004Final Presention .005Final Presention .006Final Presention .007Final Presention .008

I tried to make my presentation as visual as possible, getting across my ideas through the visuals that I had created and letting them speak for themselves.

I was aware that I needed to create more interior-focused visuals however, in order to fully get across my concept, I felt that it was necessary to produce the visuals seen in the presentation as a primary focus.

Some of the feedback I received:

  • Small scale interventions might suggest that the problem itself is small
  • Need to see masses of people interacting with the experience – reflect chaos and masses of refugee movements
  • Perhaps structures should spill onto the roads to reflect chaotic movement and hinderance to the general public
  • Good analogies of a pleasurable experience
  • Rammed full of business people
  • Good design language
  • Needs more visuals and less speaking
  • Needs more images for context: central London
  • Think of the drama of putting this in its context
  • Tell us what happens

I have taken all criticisms on board and aim to rectify them for the hand-in, creating a project that I am proud of and will be happy to show at the graduate shows!


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