Evaluating my FMP

After completing both my final presentation and final hand-in, I am able to look back on my project and evaluate the different areas where I was happy and areas where I felt like I could improve upon if I were to do it again.


Overall I am really happy with the result of my Final Major Design Project. I feel that my concept attacks an issue that is continuously left to worsen and by working with such an important and relevant subject, I have not only raised awareness to myself but also to my coursemates and tutors.


I feel that my project, if carried out, could make the difference that is needed to bring the attention of how poorly refugees are treated to both politicians and the general public, something that we so often disregard and treat as out of sight out of mind.

Each intervention addresses a particular border that refugees face, highlighting the atrocities that they go through, whilst drawing attention to the way we take the borders we cross each and every day for-granted. The interventions force this issue upon us and bring the issue to a place of familiarity: the street.

The research that I have carried out throughout my third year backs up the fact that simply not enough is being done to help solve this crisis, allowing it to worsen and affect many more people as the years go on. A big enough change needs to be made by those who can enforce that kind of power, helping all areas of the crisis, from the refugees to the host countries, creating a system and solution to stop this from going any further than it already has.



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