Graduate Show: Build Begins

This week we have begun building! The design & build teams have been busy bringing everything together, getting started on building the frames which will form the exhibition stands for our graduate shows in Bournemouth and London.

The images above show a test version of the stand, using poplar plywood for the structure and aluminium bars to keep the stand open and sturdy, sprayed orange in order to bring through the colours from our EDGE logo.

Upon receiving the timber, we had a busy first day sanding it all down once it was sawn, ensuring that all the edges were smooth and easy to handle, ready to build.


Working as a team, we collectively took upon various jobs in order to get the job done. We had large panels of timber to move and get from the workshop to our studio to  build, therefore it was key that we worked as a team to make sure we all coordinated with each other properly and kept the timber in good condition whilst working with it.




We have been incredibly busy working to cover all areas of the design, allocating different teams to be involved in different areas – bringing the various elements together along the way.

More progress to come!



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