Grad Show: Build Progress

We have been making really good progress with the build, getting on with all the various elements and working collectively as a team to ensure that all parts are done well.


As we now have final numbers for the show, we are now working with 30 students to present, rather than the original 40, meaning that a slight rearrangement of the show had to be done in order to represent the show through the desired design.

Working with the 1:20 models of the stands and floor plans for the shows, we laid out where each student would be, taking into consideration the space between the stands, allowing for enough room for visitors to view and walk around the exhibition. We have indicated where marketing boards will be with masking tape, using 4 extra boards which will be 1:1 versions of our logo.

We have also been experimenting with how we will display our names on the boards themselves. After trying laser-engraved tags using the same poplar plywood as the boards, we decided to use grey vinyl, sticking this directly onto the wood and using the same colour grey as used in our EDGE logo.

As we move into the final week before the show opens, we have the final few boards to make! These need to be cut, sanded down and assembled so that we can move onto the final step of laying out the work onto the boards, as seen on the image above.


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