Grad Show Progress / Final Week

The final week of bringing everything together was an exciting process and meant that everyone had to pull together.

With less people around, we had less man-power to move around the materials which arrived to make up the final boards, but we managed to do it! Our priority was getting these panels cut & sanded, ready for construction, building the final boards for those who we were sure would be showing their work, as well as extra boards for the marketing of our show.


A process which I really enjoyed was the application of the vinyl, which we did carefully using the chosen matte grey vinyl, in-keeping the colour with the theme of our EDGE logo.

Whilst the boards were laid out flat, we needed to attach everyone’s work, pinning the printed A1/A2/A3 sheets to the boards using a specifically-made jig, ensuring that everyones work was centred and the same distance from the bookshelf.

Referring back to the 1:20 model of the plan and boards, we mapped out a new plan for the show as to how the boards would be laid out, as this was something that would be altered as we went along based on who’s work looked best against each other, spread of briefs and colour on the sheets.


Once the stands were put up, we had the opportunity to walk around and get a feel for the show, allowing us to change parts and move boards to where we think they looked better.

I am really proud of what we have achieved, producing this entire show ourselves. We knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be possible for everyone in the class to help with this show, however, the group that pulled together and produced this worked so well together and we can all be proud.


Above is an image of my stand the day before the show, ready for the public and my fellow course mates to view.


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